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10.20.2005: "Sharpening C# and more"

Most of my efforts have been focused on gathering applications, documentation, previous work and learning C#. The project website was moved from my personal webspace into the project webspace after Dr. Malinowski gave me permissions to upload to the project directory.

Jeff and I talked to Nick Schmidt (Asst. Lab Director) to install FrontPanel software from the Opal Kelly website and Xilinx ISE WebPACK 7.1i, so Jeff could start communicating with the XEM3001 board.

I have been learning C# from MSDN C# Language Specification. I realized that there are a lot of things that are done differently in C# as compared to C++ and Java, both of which I am pretty familiar with. The way that variables and objects are declared is diffrerent, but dynamic so that is beneficial. I expect to run into some syntax errors to begin with.

I covered some basics on using the compiler and ran a few tutorials before starting on the Language Specifications. So far I have covered types and typecasting and the general mode of data handling. I will have to finish going through the following topics before I can dive into reviewing/writing code
for the project:

* Classes - a more indepth look
* Interface
* Namespaces
* Member functions
* Member access
* Application Handling
* Automatic Memory Management