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03.26.2006: "Gooey GUI"

I have mostly been working on and testing the GUI. Although, there is a separate time alloted for testing, the nature of GUI development leads to on spot testing. I will say that about 50% of the time I spend on the project is for development and the other 50% is testing. I have also changed how the data is stored internally form a double format to an integer format, this means less memory usage and faster processing. The logic level representation also had to be changed from the double representation:
'0.00' - Low
'0.50' - Indeterminate
'1.00' - High

to the integer representation:
'-1' - Low
'0' - Indeterminate
'1' - High

I have made a lot of progress on the GUI. The user now can:
*Select and plot only specific lines
*Lines can be selected in arbitary order
*Closing the main application closes all related windows
*Super impose a vertical grid, corresponding to the rising edge of the fastest signal
*Toggle the grid on and off
*Change the opacity of the application window
*Maximize/Minimize window
*Identify application by custom icon (in Windows ALT+TAB window)

Here's a snapshot of the current GUI.
GUI3 (51k image)

I am working on adding more features to the GUI and representing buses. If anyone is interested in helping me test the application, you can download and run the compiled binary (for Windows XP) and provide me with any feedback via e-mail.

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