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03.30.2006: "Gooeyer GUI"

I have been adding a lot of GUI features. I modified the LineSelect form to include text boxes for all the lines so that an user can specify custom names. I added all the labels using the form designer and then manipulated their text, and position using code to reflect:
*what lines were selected
*what names they were given
*what line plot corresponds to that signal
Positioning was a difficult task especially with keeping resizing in mind.

I also improved error handling, especially focusing on application crashing when no lines were selected to be plotted. I found that this scenario was problematic for everything... plotting, resizing, refreshing, any form movement at all. Currently the GUI is fairly stable and mostly idiot proof.

My next challenge is to add the bus and use the mouse cursor to read the bus value and display it.

Here's a snapshot of the current GUI:
gui5 (30k image)

Again, if anyone is interested in helping me test the application, you can download and run the compiled binary (for Windows XP) and provide me with any feedback via e-mail.

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