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Multiple UAV Coordination

The goal of this project is to utilize multiple unmanned aerial vehicles to autonomously generate an image map of the Bradley University Alumni Quad. The proposal shows that by switching to an autonomous, multiple-UAV system, the replacement of processes already benefiting from the use of UAVs will result in increased safety and efficiency. Current processes may put people in danger in the military; may use slower data acquisition methods and gain less information with existing drones; or, may be cost-prohibitive by using more expensive aircraft. By using a combination of a single higher - cost drone - equipped with GPS guidance for navigation and image processing techniques for obstacle avoidance - with lower-cost drones set to follow the leader and maintain a flocking formation amongst each other, this project can cheaply accomplish such aerial tasks as surveying a specified region of land, among other potential areas of development. Furthermore, current research indicates that the coordination of multiple slave drones with the implementation of a flocking algorithm is possible. Impacts of this project include increased data on the health of crops, increased safety for first responders, military, and police, and quicker problem solving for fire fighters and first responders.

Recent Development: Project will be using image processing for both collision detection and flock detection.
A new proposal will be on the way.