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Thursday, November 10th

Scheming Plots

After facing difficulties using the NPlot library to create any plots at all, I was able to figure out the problem. Although the DLL was added to the project it needed to be added to the design toolbox as well and the main plot surface had to be dragged onto the windows application for C# to perform the correct initializations. More detail can be found in the lab notebook entry. The image below shows the plot created:

Step Plot using NPlot Graphing Library

I am going to be working on puttling multiple lines on the same plot and adding user interaction to the plot.

shom on 11.10.05 @ 11:20 PM CST [permalink]

Tuesday, November 8th

Hardware Layout

Ok, quite a bit of work has been done lately in the hardware realm. I've gone through 2 iterations of board layouts, the first of which was fairly simple and mostly a test. The second layout, uses a 2 layer design, has everything on ICs (including resistors) and uses the proper pin-outs for the output to the XEM3001. Barring any significant errors in IC size (as I have yet to find the corresponding IC size for the resistor packs and AD8564 comparators) and finding the exact size ribbon output to the XEM3001, this layout should be ready for work. I'll need to get with someone who's used layout more than me, to find out what I need to do to essentially finalize the layout. The other thing I need to check, is to see if I can make a Vcc and Ground plane, or at least just a ground plane so that everything has ample access to ground. The layout program did a few interesting things with the ground wires because it assumed that it was just another "Network" and not specifically the ground. It did this despite that "Network" being specified as ground when it was originally made in PSpice.

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Saturday, November 5th

NPlot Graphing Library

Among other things I have started looking into the NPlot graphing library. There seems to be a steep learning curve, trying to use the DLL and the functions as intended. I am still trying to figure out what sort of initializations are mandatory, and what provide added features. Documentation available for it is rather sketchy, the examples packaged with the library are too robust so it is hard to glean basic information from it. I noticed that the incode documentation was prepared in a way that Doxygen could extract most of the functional information. I generated the documentation using Doxygen, and after some tweaking it is finally useful.
I am busy learning the quirks of C# and getting the NPlot library to work (or do anything!).

EDIT: I found online documentation for the NPlot API.

shom on 11.05.05 @ 01:26 AM CST [permalink]