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Thursday, February 23rd

Gra Graph Graphics

The focus of the project has changed slightly due to the fact that Jeff Earlson is no longer working on the hardware. There is a possibility that there will be no board to test the USB data acquisition with. In light of these events I have decided to focus more detailed attention on to the graphics. The NPlot graphing library is very complicated because of its robustness, so adding a bus class has been a difficult task.The NPlot library expands on existing classes by making new classes by inheriting other classes. I have had to learn more about classes in C# and all the rules about inheriting classes and implementing member functions. I think I have finally set up the framework that can be used to build the bus class. I am writing code to draw a bus unit (see picture in previous entry) of arbitary lengths, which will depend on how long the constituent signals don't change.

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