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November 2005
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11/18/2005: "uClinux"

Just a couple things to add for today:

1. I have not updated this website enough, although it is a priority on my to do list. I will soon have pages up with my deliverables and also any other materials.

2. I have decided to begin maintaining an electronic notebook instead of the paper notebook that I have been using. I feel like I will type a lot more than I will write in my notebook, and I'm pretty sure it is already true. I actually wrote everything that I did today this time in my notebook, and I'm very happy with out it turned out. Also, I have implemented several security techniques to ensure that the files are timestamped and that the files are not modified after being timestamped. This should prove an effective method of maintaining an electronic notebook.

3. uClinux!!! One of the main parts of my project was trying to figure out how I would actually run the controller code on the microcontroller board. The Coldfire board came with a very simple version of RTXC Quadros Real Time Operating System. I spent part of today compiling this and running it on the Microprocessor. I liked the fact that it was fairly simple in that there wasn't a lot of code that was used to implement it, and I would be closer to the actual commands. However, after doing some more research, I noticed that uClinux has almost everything I need implemented in it. It already has servers running for http, telnet, and several other servers. I also have clients for DHCP, and a lot of other stuff. This makes it much easier for me to implement the code that I will be writing, I will just have to learn how to use Linux on the device and how to port my code to the device.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't going to be easy by any means. I have had minimal linux experience in the past, and I need to learn a lot about how to do everything I want to do from a shell script. I also need to figure out how to write code and port it or slipstream it into the binaries that I have for my program. This will take me a while to learn, but we shall see how this works. I am happy to see that I got something working on there.