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November 2005
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11/10/2005: "Network Embedded HVAC Controller."

This is the web page for a senior project by Ed Siok at Bradley University. I am a student in the Electrical Engineering department, and my senior project is a network embedded HVAC controller. My advisor is Dr. Malinowski.

The goal of this project is to create a network embedded HVAC controller. I will be using a CML-5282 development board purchased by Axiom Manufacturing. This board has a Coldfire processor on it. The most important part of the board is the network interface. I will be using this interface card to allow the microprocessor to communicate with the outside world and the internet.

The object of the project is to create a controller system for a heating and air conditioning unit. The controller will have temperature sensors in different areas of a home (known as zones). These zones could be in different rooms, or in different levels of a home. A desired temperature for different rooms would be set by accessing an interface to the device through a web browser on another computer in the network. Once the desired temperature(s) is(are) set, the device will monitor the current temperature and turn on the furnace, air conditioner, and mechanical dampers to the zones according to any difference in the desired vs. actual temperature.

That is a simple introduction to the project. If you are interested in learning more, I recommend that you download some of the deliverables that I will be posting on this site soon.

Also, I will be installing an RSS feed soon so that you will be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening. Thank you to Shom for helping me out with installing greymatter on the server, as well as for modifying the RSS feed that I will be using on this site. (And for correcting my stupid mistakes that I've made so far).