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(05/12/04) Final Report Turned In

(05/06/04) Final Demonstration (Slight levitation was observed)

(05/04/04) Final Presentation

(04/16/04) 2nd Place in the Engineering Division at the Research Expo

(04/01/04) Testing Inductrack

(02/04/04) Creating Test Wheel

(01/27/04) Copper Track Material Ordered

(12/12/03) Created Project Proposal

(12/09/03) Presented project proposal

(11/24/03) Built New Train, and Placed Magnets in it.

(11/18/03) Complete System Level Block Diagram Updated

(11/11/03) Magnets Ordered for experimentation

(11/04/03) Complete System Level Block Diagram created

(10/30/03) Wooden Train carts of various sizes were built for possible use.

(09/28/03) Functional Description created

(09/28/03) Methods of magnetic levitation, guidance, and propulsion are currently being researched.

(09/24/03) Confirmation Memo created

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