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Equipment Room Database and Web-Based Inventory Management System (EquipRD!)
By Sean M. DonCarlos and Ryan Learned
Advised by Dr. James H. Irwin, Jr. and Dr. Aleksander Malinowski

Project Description (The Quick Version)
For years, the ECE Department at Bradley University has tracked its equipment using slips of paper. The EquipRD! project was initiated to design and implement a replacement Web-based inventory management system, paying particular attention to cost, user convenience, and the security and integrity of the database. The EquipRD! system is a full-featured Web interface for searching, adding, updating and deleting parts and users, as well as checking parts in and out of the equipment room. Two different versions of EquipRD! allow the ECE Department freedom to choose between commercial and open-source databases and application servers to support the EquipRD! system. One version is ready for deployment; the other could be ready with just a few weeks’ additional work.

EquipRD! (pronounced "equip-perty" and yes, the exclamation point is part of the name) is available in two different versions. EquipRD! CF runs on Macromedia ColdFusion MX Server and can utilize either Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MySQL 4.1 for database services. EquipRD! PHP runs on a PHP application server and MySQL 4.1. Clients can use either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape to access an EquipRD! system; however, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is recommended.

Copyright Information
Yes, it's boring, but to be legally complete we must inform you of the following:

EquipRD! CF was written by Sean M. DonCarlos and EquipRD! PHP was written by Ryan Learned. Both versions of EquipRD!, as well as this companion website, are copyright © 2003 Bradley University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. All rights reserved.