Laser Shooutout Game

Laura Miller and Steven Noto
Senior Project, 2000
Bradley University
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Mr. Steven Gutschlag

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Project Proposal Memo: (HTML) (PDF)

Functional Description: (HTML) (PDF)

System-Level Block Diagram: (HTML) (PDF)

Patents, Standards, and References Search: (HTML) (PDF)

Technical Datasheet: (HTML) (PDF)

First Semester Proposal Report: (HTML) (PDF)

First Semester Proposal Presentation: (HTML) (PowerPoint 97)

Second Semester Status Presentation 1: (HTML) (PowerPoint 97)

Second Semester Status Presentation 2: (HTML) (PowerPoint 97)

Final Project Abstract: (HTML) (PDF)

Final Project Report: (HTML) (PDF)

Final Project Presentation: (HTML) (PowerPoint 97)

(Word 97 files no longer available due to the possibility of macro virus corruption)

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Laura Steven
Laura Miller Steven Noto
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Electrical Engineering
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