To:  Dr. Brian D. Huggins
       Dr. Winfred Anakwa

From:   Darrell Glenn -
            Doug Carlton -

Date:  September 22, 1999

Subject:  Senior Project Proposal

Project Title: Embedded Control System Workstation

The purpose of this project is to continue the development of a control system workstation started by Eugene M. Cohen.  Our primary advisor will be Dr. Winfred Anakwa.

The goal of the workstation is to provide a means to rapidly prototype control systems.  The workstation consists of three primary subsystems. The first subsystem is a PC with software tools for generating and compiling C, assembly code and software for modeling and simulating control systems in real-time. The second subsystem is an AC-104 hardware platform which is used primarily to verify the control algorithms generated by the PC's software. The AC-104 system will control a physical system such as an engine subsystem or electrohydraulic implement. The third subsystem consists of a Motorola microcontroller running a Real-Time Operating  System. The microcontroller is used for testing the production of the hand-tailored code.  Eugene M. Cohen was able to complete only subsystems one and two.

Our project is to complete the development of the Embedded Control System Workstation.  We will be responsible for the installation of the microcontroller software, verifying its proper operation and interface to the workstation.  A process for porting code to the microcontroller will also be developed and fully documented.  The final stage of the project will be to do a comparative analysis of the operation of the AC-104 hardware platform versus the microcontroller.

Date Modified: 11-9-99