Functional Description

To:  Dr. Brian D. Huggins
       Dr. Winfred Anakwa

From:  Darrell Glenn -
           Doug Carlton -

Date:  October 7, 1999

Subject:  Senior Project Functional Description

Project Title: Embedded Control System Workstation

This project involves the development of a tool to facilitate the development of real-time embedded control systems. The system will consist of three primary subsystems. The first subsystem is a PC with software tools for generating and compiling C and assembly code and software for modeling and simulating control system models in real-time. The second subsystem is an AC104 hardware platform which will be used primarily to verify the control algorithms within the code generated by the PC's software. The AC104 system will control a physical system such as an engine subsystem or an electrohydraulic implement. The third subsystem is a Motorola microcontroller that will be used to test the production code. The Motorola microcontroller will be running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).
The modes of operation for this system include a simulation mode and a production mode.  The simulation mode will involve creation of control block diagrams that will be converted to C code through the use of PC software.  The code will then be downloaded and run on the AC104 to evaluate the code efficiency in operating the plant.  When the simulation has generated acceptable plant control, the system can be switched to the production mode. The production mode will consist of the finalized simulation C code being downloaded to the Motorola microcontroller.  The microcontroller will then be controlling the plant and the microcontroller efficiency can be evaluated.  If necessary, the production code can then be hand-tailored to meet required specifications.
 The high-level system block diagram as well as the subsystem block diagrams are located below.  The inputs and outputs of each subsystem are located next to the corresponding block diagram.

Date Modified: 11-9-99